EA Leaks FIFA 20 Players' Private Info in Latest Blunder

The FIFA 20 Global Series registration went live yesterday. Anyone who signed up within the first 30 minutes had their personal info leaked by EA.

Say you think of yourself as a really good FIFA 20 player. So good that you might have the chops to make a run at the annual FIFA Global Series. If you were one of those players, you’d probably want to register for the Series as soon as the sign-ups went live. Unfortunately for the 1,600 players who did so, EA inadvertently let anyone who registered see all of their private info.

This is just the latest in a series of missteps that have been happening around the game since launch. Career mode is so broken that even EA cover athlete Joel Embiid took to social media to complain about the myriad issues plaguing the mode. Gameplay online feels broken at times due to skill moves not registering and manual tackling feeling unrewarded. That said, all of those technical issues pale in comparison to this latest gaffe.

Simply put, giving out the personal details of some of your game’s biggest fans is completely unacceptable. EA has to know how popular both this game and this event are. Not having your ducks in a row before launching registration is a massive issue that should not be ignored. Sure, they took registration down after 30 minutes, but seeing organizations like EA and the ESA being so cavalier with their users’ data is downright ridiculous.

Listen, I’m having a great time playing FIFA 20, especially Ultimate Team. I probably spend more of my day trading cards on the web app than I do sleeping at this point. That said, this lack of respect for their users shouldn’t be ignored or allowed to fall into obscurity any time soon.

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Ricky Frech

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