FIFA 20 FUT Player Days Kicks Off With Tons of New Content

FIFA 20 FUT Player Days Kicks Off With Tons of New Content

While promo fatigue has certainly started to filter into FIFA 20 over the past month or so, FUT Player Days at least feels a little different. Of course, we still have yet another new team full of juiced up special cards; however, the big difference is the player selection. Plus, with EA using one of their many licenses to celebrate the Copa Libertadores, this promo is full of players that probably wouldn’t see a special card in other promos. Check it all out below.

FUT Player Days are ostensibly all about EA giving back to the community. Everyone gets a free engagement pack based on how many times you’ve logged onto Ultimate Team. EA is also offering buy one get one free and coin discount packs to give you even more random loot boxes. Hopefully, you hit the lottery, but it’s unlikely. Instead, this part of the promo is probably just going to drop the transfer market, even more, making your pack rewards worth even less.

However, the promo is far from all bad. The new promo team features tons of players who probably wouldn’t get a special card in any other promo. That means several new players coming into the meta, helping to diversify players’ teams. EA has also kicked off the promo with a very good Player SBC for Davinson Sanchez. Plus, there’s a relatively easy to obtain Objective card in the form of Jo. On top of that, they’re also giving out some extra rewards from Weekend League to make that grind slightly more worth it.

All that said, one of the neater things coming out of the promo is the new Copa Libertadores cards. Basically, EA have added a ton of new players to the game with a nifty-looking design. These players largely come from South American countries, making teams built around those nations even more viable now. Obviously, there’s an argument to be made that most of the cards will only serve as pack fodder. So, it continues to be a little bit of EA giveth and EA taketh away. And that’s how it’s been all year. Unfortunately, it usually feels more like EA has been taking more than they’re giving. That said, this promo feels like they’re giving a little more than usual, which is a positive.

FUT Player Days kicked off with a fair bit of content today. It will be worth paying attention to over the weekend to see what all they add. If EA adds some type of repeatable SBC for players to use all that fodder they’re going to get from these cheaper packs, I think you can safely call this one a win for the community.

FIFA 20 is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.