FIFA 20’s Future Stars Promo Kicks Off Today With a Tasty New Squad

FIFA 20’s Future Stars Promo Kicks Off Today With a Tasty New Squad

FIFA 20's best promo, Future Stars, kicks off today with a new squad of young players juiced to their predicted potentials.

Every year in FIFA Ultimate Team, there are a few promos that really bring out the FIFA points. Obvious ones like the Team of the Year at mid-cycle and Team of the Season squads during the summer are the big boys. However, last year EA introduced a new promo that was among the most popular. Future Stars takes the young stars of world football and gives them player cards boosted to their predicted potential. That means guys like a 72-rated Max Aarons and turn him into an 85-rated stud. This year, we’re actually getting two squads. The first dropped this afternoon, and it’s a doozy.

The standouts here that you’re hoping to pack are Joao Felix and Tonali. If you can pair that Felix with like a Ronaldo and a Eusebio, your frontline is basically set until FIFA 2022 (not a typo). Of course, even the lowest-rated version of the Portuguese Icon will run you 3.6 million coins. Regardless, Felix is one of the hottest young players in the game and his card is going to be in high demand. Tonali has a league SBC card that already feels broken, so getting this massive boost is just going to be silly.

The rest of the squad is largely just okay. They aren’t guys you’re going to build a Weekend League squad behind but would be a welcome addition to many teams. Personally, I’d love to get that Mason Mount card in my team, just to pair him with the Headliners Tammy Abraham we got a few weeks ago. It will be interesting to see where prices fall for guys like Mason Greenwood and Rodrygo. They’re both currently sitting above a million coins, but I don’t think they can possibly hold those numbers for very long.

EA added more than just the new squad though. We’re also getting a new objective player and, honestly, this might be one of the few good things EA has done with FIFA in awhile. Basically, by completing a very easy objective, you’ll unlock an 80-rated Odegaard. From there, you can upgrade the card by completing more objectives. Over the course of the next season, you can raise him all the way to an 87-rated player.

That’s awesome. The Storyline players they’ve been handing out during seasons have been pretty boring thus far. By the time you unlock them, the power curve has passed them. And so far, there hasn’t been any way to upgrade them. This move opens the door for that to finally happen. Sure, Odegaard can only get to an 87 overall, but it’s a fun grind to get there.

FIFA 20 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. This is only the first day of Future Stars, so I would expect several more fun players to pop up. Fingers crossed for a new Kubo! But whatever you do, just remember, don’t spend FIFA points.