FIFA 20 Player Count Hits 10 Million

A lot of people like this video game based on the sport of soccer. Who knew?

Soccer is the world’s favorite sport, and it looks like FIFA 20 is the world’s favorite soccer video game. In less than a month after its release, more than 10 million people have played FIFA 20. These players have completed more than 450 million matches, scored more than 1.2 billion goals, and created more than 5 million VOLTA avatars. These are staggering numbers.

The success of the game has spread to its media outlets. For instance, r/FIFA grew 610.2% in the last month alone. This was already a large subreddit, and to have grown this much so quickly shows that the player-base has tremendous enthusiasm. It shows that people aren’t simply buying and dropping this game, but that they are actively engaging with the community and sharing their experiences with others. Impressive. That said, the game’s initial reception on the internet wasn’t always glowing. Shortly after release, the hashtag #FixCareerMode was trending on Twitter.

DualShockers compared FIFA 20 with its primary competitor, Pro Evolution Soccer 2020. PES 2020 puts up a good fight, and even offers superior gameplay and graphical fidelity. However, FIFA 2020‘s team-building mode, FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), blows out the competition. With more sponsors, more teams, and more players, FIFA 2020 offers a lot of incentive to continue competing online.

As you might expect, the numbers surrounding FUT are likewise staggering. 272 million FUT games have been played as of the time of this writing, and more than 138 million games have been played in its competitive “Division Rivals” mode.

FIFA 20‘s exciting new “street” mode, VOLTA, has also seen a lot of success. More than 5 million avatars have been created to compete, and the top five VOLTA locations are Berlin, Rome, Lagos, London and Cape Town.

FIFA 20 is available worldwide on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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