FIFA 20 Season 9 Drops Fun, New Content For the End of the Cycle

FIFA 20 Season 9 Drops Fun, New Content For the End of the Cycle

FIFA 20 may be winding down with FIFA 21 still on the horizon. That said, the team at EA Sports has one last chance to go out with a bang.

Today marks what is, most likely, the final season for FIFA 20 before everyone moves over to FIFA 21. Some were hoping the team at EA would really blow the content out in a major way. Unfortunately, it’s mostly more of the same. However, there are a few fun little additions that might entice some players to stick with the game while they wait for FIFA 21.

As ever, the new season includes a brand new battle pass for players to work through. As you go, you’ll unlock new cosmetics, packs, and players. This time up, players will earn Icons like Didier Drogba, Ruud Gullit, and Ronaldo. Plus, you have some fun choices to make at level 15 and 30. At the halfway mark, you can grab heavily upgraded versions of Douglas Costa, Eric Bailly, and Darlington Nagbe. Finally, a decent American midfielder to link some teams together.

Once you hit the final level, the choices get even more interesting. Gareth Bale continues the old tradition of upgrading a player who hasn’t really gotten one. If you’re feeling lucky, you can take a gamble on an Icon pack. Most interestingly though, players can grab a high-rated Hakim Ziyech. However, this version has him on his new team, Chelsea. These newly transferred players seem to be the focus as EA finishes up its Pre-Season promo.

Keeping with that theme, players can earn a Bayern Munich version of Leroy Sane. The set of tasks don’t appear that tough; however, there are already so many top-tier left-wingers in the Bundesliga, that I’m not sure who needs him. The same goes for the new Ferran Torres in SBCs. Of course, who really cares at this point? If you like the player, pick them up and have some fun. It’s August, after all.

Hopefully, EA starts to churn out some fun content for players to finish the season on. This is a decent first start, but it’d be great if they did even more over the next few weeks.

FIFA 20 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. FIFA 21 drops on October 7, so get in those last few rivals games before the community moves on to next year.