The Latest FIFA 20 Promo Might Be the Worst One Yet

FIFA 20 Shapeshifters sees players get cool position switches, but the player choice makes it a hard promo to get behind.

In previous years, FIFA Ultimate Team promos were exciting times for the community. Maybe you completed some objectives or finished an SBC to get new players into your team. Or maybe you got very, very lucky and packed one of the promo players. However, the promos only hit once or twice a month, which gave the transfer market plenty of time to breathe. That has not been the case in FIFA 20, and EA’s latest promo “Shapeshifters” might be their worst one.

The way the promo works is that EA has taken various players and given them a position change that you can’t get in the game through consumables. So, for instance, you have Marcelo who normally plays left-back switched to CAM. On the surface, this is a really cool promo that could give everyone new and interesting players that still fit the meta. The problem is all down to EA’s player choice.

Take Marcelo, for instance. Just recently, we had a Flashback SBC for him that ran you 400K coins. Since he’s untradeable, that’s 400K coins down the drain, and EA has just added a better tradeable version. You can say the same for guys like David Luiz and Renato Sanches. Plus, Messi and Ben Yedder just had Player of the Month SBCs that are now super devalued incredibly soon.

So, the issue lies in EA continuing to select the same players for promos. There’s just no flexibility in the players, meaning everyone’s team is quickly becoming a mirror of each other. It’s boring and makes the promo feel like a cash grab with just the most popular players being in every other one. Plus, we have only had one week without a promo since Team of the Year, which makes the market crash constantly. That makes it even harder for anyone to make money to afford the best players. The only way to play with the top players is to spend money on packs. It’s not a good direction for anyone except EA’s wallet.

FIFA 20 is running its Shapeshifter promo for two weeks. It’s hard to see the game turning a corner anytime soon, but if you want to jump in on the mayhem, the game is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Ricky Frech

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