FIFA 21 — How to Complete the Arjen Robben Player SBC

FIFA 21 — How to Complete the Arjen Robben Player SBC

FIFA 21 finally gives the Dutch legend Arjen Robben the flashback card the FUT community has been waiting for. And it's actually decent value.

He’s finally here. The FIFA 21 community has been frothing at the mouth for an Arjen Robben Flashback card for most of this year. Every new promo was a hint from EA that he was on his way; however, until now, those hopes have been dashed. Thankfully, it looks like the wait was worth it. His card is downright filthy. The only that stinks about it is that he plays the same position as the Mitchell van Bergen card you can earn in Milestones. Otherwise, it’s a sick card from EA. Check it out.

Look, I probably won’t complete this because he doesn’t fit my squad and I want to save coins for Team of the Year. However, if you can slot him in or need an attacking sub, he’s worth a look. Yes, he’s coming in at around 130,000 coins. However, it’s important to remember that the repeatable Icon SBC expires before he does. So, if you can wait two weeks, his price should come down unless EA drops something massive. You could see this card come down to 100,000 coins, making him even more attractive.

If you need some help building out an SBC, check the one below. As mentioned above, fodder prices could be coming down over the next few weeks, so just use this as an example. Hunt around yourself if you want to get that cost down to something a bit cheaper.


FIFA 21 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Today is a great time to hop in as EA is starting off FUT Season 3 with a bang by dropping Headliners Team 1 into packs and giving us new Icon Swaps to complete.