FIFA 21 Bruno Guimarães — How to Complete His Player Pick SBC

FIFA 21 Bruno Guimarães — How to Complete His Player Pick SBC

Future Stars is here. Tons of young players are getting big boosts. Check out our guide for completing the new FIFA 21 Bruno Guimarães SBC.

FIFA 21 Future Stars is finally here. That means tons of young players are in the game via packs, SBCs, and objectives. Of course, relying on pack luck is never a good look unless you’re some kind of wizard. So, most players looking to get a shiny new card should first look to SBCs and objectives. Fortunately, EA Sports has a card for you. Bruno Guimarães has a brand new player pick that lets you decide which version of him you want. See below to find out how to complete the new FIFA 21 Bruno Guimarães Future Stars card.

This new FIFA 21 Bruno Guimarães card is very interesting. You’re choosing between either having him as an excellent CDM or being able to take over as your box-to-box midfielder. He’s probably a touch expensive due to the Wayne Rooney SBC, but he has some top-tier links. Not only does he soft link to any Brazilian in the world, but he’s also a great strong link to Neymar. On that alone, he might be worth doing.

That said, it looks like he’s coming in at around 250,000 coins. That’s not bank-breaking, but it’s a significant chunk of change. I think he’s going to fit quite a few teams and the Neymar strong link is tempting. Personally, I think he’s only worth the asking price at the CDM position, but that’s on you. See below for some inspiration for completing him. Remember, don’t copy me. Search around your club to do it cheaper and just use the solutions below as a rough guide.

FIFA 21 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.