FIFA 21 — How to Complete the Cristian Ansaldi Player SBC

FIFA 21 — How to Complete the Cristian Ansaldi Player SBC

FIFA 21 is back with another daily player SBC to celebrate FUT Freeze. Today's player is Cristian Ansaldi, the latest right back in Serie A.

FIFA 21 is currently in the thick of its annual holiday promo in FUT. This year, the team at EA Sports has changed the name to FUT Freeze; however, the core idea is still basically the same. Each day, players can complete new player SBCs. This year, the players are being given a new position from their base card. Yesterday, we had Marquinhos playing as a CDM, and today brings yet another fun surprise. Give it a look below and then keep reading for some solutions for today’s SBCs.

Today’s SBC is the Serie A’s Cristian Ansaldi. Traditionally a left-winger, he’s been moved to right back. This opens up some interesting possibilities as he can now link Lionel Messi’s base card into the Italian League. This makes it that much easier to put Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in your team without needing an Icon to make the chemistry work.

But what does it take to unlock Ansaldi? Below I’ll share a solution I used based on the players I already have in my club. The key here is to find a cheap Team of the Week player you can slot in, and then pick a league that you can use to get your chemistry. Personally, I used the Bundesliga because I had several sitting in my club and have already finished that set of Icon Swaps. Remember, you need six first-owned players for each major league to complete your Swaps. So, don’t get rid of players you might need for that if you can help it. Anyways, see the solution below.


Should you actually do this SBC? I think that mostly depends on your team. Ansaldi is a good card that will cost you less than 100,000 coins. However, I would rather have Bruno Peres’ Europa League card. Not only is he tradeable, but that’s also a live card. Roma has a decent shot of getting him at least one more upgrade, which will make him absolutely deadly. Ansaldi has that Argentina link, but I may end up passing on this one.

There is also a new puzzle SBC available to complete. I’m not going to post a solution for this one as it’s pretty simple. Check your club for minor league silvers and make it happen. Do your best to not buy players off the market. It’s just not worth spending much on a Rare Gold Pack.

FIFA 21 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. With all these SBCs hitting each day, now is an exciting time to be playing the FUT menus. If only I could say the same thing about the actual gameplay.