FIFA 21 — How to Complete the Franck Ribery Player SBC

FIFA 21 continues the Team of the Year promo with a Franck Ribery flashback SBC that takes the old Frenchman back to his FIFA 14 days.

EA took some time getting him ready, but they’ve finally dropped a massive Franck Ribery Player SBC into FIFA 21. The stud Frenchman is having a flashback to his TOTY card back in FIFA 14 and it looks solid. Sure, he’s going to cost an arm and a leg, but for a 5*5* attacker with some juice, he’s an option worth considering. Plus, it’s Ribery. Come on, man. And the best part is that you have six weeks to scrimp together enough fodder to complete him. Check out his card below.

Look, you’re probably going to get tons of untradeable fodder over the next week as you open all of those packs you stored for TOTY. You have a few options for what you do with them. There are several Icons in SBCs, but I’d take Ribery over most of them. For me, his only real issue is that he’s a winger and not a central player. If you’re completing this with coins, I’d probably skip it, but if you need something to do with those untradeables, I think Ribery could be a lot of fun.

If I haven’t been clear enough, Ribery is expensive. Those coins could (and arguably should) be used in other places. You can grab Neymar’s base card for 100,000 coins cheaper. However, if you need a place to dump your fodder, I’d rather do this than test my luck on one of those repeatable Icon SBCs. You do you though. If you need some inspiration for completing Ribery’s SBC segments, check out the solutions below.

FIFA 21 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Expect to see several more SBCs drop over the next week as TOTY continues.

Ricky Frech

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