FIFA 21 Future Stars Party Bag — How to Complete the SBC

The FIFA 21 Future Stars Party Bag SBC is out today. Most likely, it won't be worth the price of admission, but you might get lucky.

FIFA 21 is in the second week of Future Stars. We’ve already gotten several big-name youngsters added to the mix. Today, the team at EA Sports is giving you a chance to get one for yourself via the new FIFA 21 Future Stars Party Bag SBC. Of course, this is EA Sports we’re talking about. The new SBC obviously can’t be good value. To that end, this Party Bag doesn’t just contain Future Stars players. You also might end up with a Ones To Watch, Rulebreakers, Road to the Final, FUT Freeze, or Headliners card. So, is it worth it? And if so, how to complete it. Read on and find out.

The Future Stars Party Bag comes with some hefty requirements. Not only are you submitting an 84-rated squad, but you’ll also need two informs. Considering the garbage players that might be waiting for you in this one, it’s not really worth doing unless you just have mounds of untradeable fodder you need to get rid of.

Imagine putting all of that together and ending up with an untradeable OTW Jonathan David or FUT Freeze Ricardo Rodriguez. Sure, there’s a chance you might pull something absolutely massive, but those chances are incredibly slim.  Essentially, you’re buying a 110,000 coin lottery ticket. If you want to test your luck, use the solution below for some inspiration. Of course, try to use Inform cards from your club. That should help bring the price down a bit.

FIFA 21 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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