FIFA 21 Future Stars Predictions — Ryan Gravenberch, Buyako Saka, and More Youngsters Who Might Make the Squad

FIFA 21 Future Stars Predictions — Ryan Gravenberch, Buyako Saka, and More Youngsters Who Might Make the Squad

FIFA 21 Future Stars is almost here. While we don't have confirmation on any players, we can predict with some certainty a few key players.

FIFA 21 Future Stars kicks off tomorrow. The event sees EA Sports giving some of the best and brightest youngsters in world football boosted cards that show what they could look like if they meet their potential. EA Sports has been teasing the team for the last few days, but we’re starting to get a better idea of who will be in the squad. So, while we’re still shooting in the dark with predictions a little bit, we are starting to get a better idea of who’s coming. Just check out the latest poll EA is running around the event.

Who is That British Striker Going to Be?

If you’ve checked the poll above, you’ll note that the SBC player is going to come from England and play striker. We don’t know what his rating will be, but we can do a little guessing. Based on what we know of Future Stars past, I think the two most likely candidates are PSV’s Noni Madueke or Sheffield United’s Rhian Brewster. Both players fit the position and have a high potential in FIFA‘s career mode, making them excellent candidates.

Another potential option here could be Bukayo Saka. In FIFA, he plays LM, but he could make the position change over for the event. That said, I think they’ll hold him for packs as he’s one of the marquee young players they could target.

What About the Dutch Player on the Loading Screen?


If you’ve logged into FIFA 21 today, you’ll likely notice the loading screen has been updated to show off a new Dutch player. Without a position, this one is a little harder to lock down. That said, I think we have two very likely candidates.

Ryan Gravenberch from Ajax is probably the most likely player, as his potential comes at in 89. However, we could also see Mohamed Ihattaren from PSV here. Strictly speaking, Gravenberch already has a special card in the game, so he might be slightly less likely. That said, this is EA Sports. They’re going to put in players who sell packs regardless of what’s happened before.

Any Other Predictions?

I could go on and on about who could be in the team. But without any clues, it’s hard to predict with any certainty. I mean, I hope Americans like Sergino Dest and Giovani Reyna make it, but I have nothing to go on there. That said, there is one last clue we can talk about.

Recently, EA added Amad Diallo, Jamal Musiala, and Xavi Simons to the FUT database. Does that mean they’re getting FIFA 21 Future Stars cards? Maybe, but we can’t know for sure. Either way, it’s sure to be an exciting day tomorrow when the event kicks off.