FIFA 21 — Guide to the Second Batch of Icon Swaps 1

FIFA 21 gets the second batch of objectives for Icon Swaps 1. You have 42 days to grab the last 10 Swaps and earn whichever rewards you want.

January 1, 2021

FIFA 21 is absolutely chock full of new FUT content today. Between the start of Season 3 and the first team of Headliners dropping into packs, there is so much to do. However, one of the things most players are likely looking forward to the most is the second set of Icon Swaps tokens being available.

Unfortunately, EA saw how much fun the community was having with the unwritten rule of the golden goal in batch one, so they’ve taken steps to mitigate that somewhat. It’s quite annoying, but most of the Swaps still seem very doable no matter your skill level. Before we start, make sure to check my last guide to see what you can earn with your Icon Swaps tokens.

The first set of Swaps objectives is the easiest, if not a bit boring. There are five tokens available through Squad Battles and one that requires you to play Weekend League. Keep in mind, you have 42 days to complete these objectives, so don’t get too stressed out about the Weekend League objective. Even if you only win three games per weekend, you can still get that token. Below is the first set.

  • Win 6 Squad Battles on min. World Class with 11 Silver players in your starting squad.
  • Win 6 Squad Battles on min. World Class with 11 UCL players in your starting squad.
  • Win 6 Squad Battles on min. World Class with 11 Liga NOS players in your starting squad.
  • Win 6 Squad Battles on min. World Class with 11 French players in your starting squad.
  • Win 6 Squad Battles on min. World Class with 11 First Owned players in your starting squad.
  • Win 18 Weekend League games.

From there, things get a bit more interesting. The next two Swaps both require you to play in the One League FUT Friendly, just using different leagues. The objectives are exactly the same, you just swap between the Premier League and La Liga. Essentially, they’ve taken the golden goal objectives from the first batch and added a few more constraints to make you actually see the games out. See the set below.

  • Win 6 in One League with at least 7 First Owned Premier League (La Liga) players in your starting squad.
  • Score in 10 separate matches using Premier League (La Liga) players in One League.
  • Assist with a Through Ball in 5 separate matches you Premier League (La Liga) players in One League.

The final set is the one that’s going to cause some problems. Here, you have to win games with only certain nations in your squad. On the surface, that doesn’t sound too bad. However, EA, in their infinite wisdom, has match capped the mode you play these games in. True, you have 60 chances to get 14 wins, which should be relatively easy. However, it also means tons of players will relegate themselves to lower divisions for easy wins. I understand why EA feels the need to do this. They don’t want people getting FIFA 21 content for free. That said, it just seems silly to make a Friendly mode competitive. It’s much better when you can escape the hyper-competitive side of FUT to have a laugh with a stranger. Below are the final objectives.

  • Win 7 matches in One Nation with only English players in your squad.
  • Win 7 matches in One Nation with only Brazil players in your squad.

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Now, before we end, I do want to pass along one final PSA. We all know squad battle can be a little boring, so try to pair those objectives as best you can. Look through your club for 11 first owned silvers to knock out two objectives at once. If you can find 11 of those that are also French, that’s three for the price of one. Save your sanity and look for ways to knock those out as easily as possible. It’s also worth looking through your club for players that fit these objectives that you don’t need and selling them off. You can make yourself some extra Team of the Year spending money that way.

FIFA 21 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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