FIFA 21 Ilkay Gundogan — How to Complete His POTM SBC

FIFA 21 Ilkay Gundogan — How to Complete His POTM SBC

The Premier League Player of the Month for January is here. Grab your own version of FIFA 21 Ilkay Gundogan for a reasonable price.

It’s official, the FIFA 21 Premier League Player of the Month for January is Ilkay Gundogan. The man absolutely deserves it. He’s been tearing the Premier League to shreds over the last month, routinely scoring bangers and generally dominating the midfield for Manchester City. Of course, he’s not the most meta player in FIFA, but he’s doesn’t cost you too much. Plus, he provides you with some interesting linking opportunities given his German nationality. Check him out.

Again, this is a medium-tier player. Don’t expect to drop 50,000 coins on him and have him completely change your team. That said, he’s a solid enough card at a reasonable price. Once you slap a shadow chem style on him, he becomes a quite good box-to-box center-mid. If nothing else, he’s a shiny new card to spruce up your team.

In all seriousness, EA Sports needs more of this content in FIFA 21. There just aren’t enough medium-tier SBCs out this year. Everything has felt overpriced because of how often they’re dropping Icon SBCs onto the community. Those are incredibly popular and cause fodder prices to rise to a ridiculous degree. SBCs like this are fun for everyone to complete and provide more casual users with a way to upgrade their team without buying FIFA points. Which is exactly why EA doesn’t want them.

If you want to stick it to the man and get Ilkay Gundogan in your club, check out my solution below. Remember, don’t just copy me. Use it as a guide and find players in your club to finish the SBC on the cheap.

FIFA 21 Ilkay Gundogan Solution, EA Sports

Ilkay Gundogan

FIFA 21 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.