FIFA 21 — How to Complete the Jose Gaya Player SBC

FIFA 21 — How to Complete the Jose Gaya Player SBC

FIFA 21 turns Jose Gaya into a striker in the latest player SBC for FUT Freeze. If you need some help completing him, look no further.

FIFA 21 is continuing the string of fun player SBCs to celebrate the ongoing FUT Freeze promo. Today’s player comes from LaLiga and provides the most striking position change we’ve seen so far. You can now unlock a striker version of Jose Gaya, who, in the real world, plays left back. The move means Gaya is getting a total change of his stats to turn him into a useable attacker. Check him out.

Personally, I was really hoping to see Sergio Ramos take this spot in a throwback to FUT Birthday card in FIFA 19. It would’ve been fun to have a big player to throw some coins into. That said, I do like that EA isn’t just reusing the same players, so I can’t get too grumpy.

Gaya does seem like a weird inclusion as someone who never uses LaLiga players. It seems like everyone and their nan is using Joao Felix’s Player of the Month card these days, so I’m not sure how many people will complete this. Of course, he looks to be coming in at right around 60,000 coins, making him much cheaper than Felix. If you need a solution, see the one I tossed together below for some inspiration.


As you can see, the key here is to grab a few cheap 85-rated players from your club and then fill it out with mostly 83s. The SBC does have a relatively high chemistry requirement, so try to stick to one league to make it easier. You also likely already have an untradeable inform in your club. Now, is a great time to use them.

There’s another puzzle SBC up as well. It’s pretty cheap, so I would recommend testing your luck. My advice is to grab some Libatadores players to get your rating up and then fill the squad out with silvers. It shouldn’t be too hard or expensive.

If you really want to test your luck, there is a repeatable Base Icon SBC available for the next 30 days. Out of principle, I never complete these. It’s just too many coins for what will almost assuredly be a disappointment. But, they’re your coins. If you want to give it a whirl, you have plenty of time to come up with the coins to fund one.

FIFA 21 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Make sure to check back tomorrow to see which Manchester United player gets a FUT Freeze SBC. My guess is Fred is moving to one of the fullbacks.