FIFA 21 Pedro Goncalves — How to Complete His Player Pick SBC

FIFA 21 Pedro Goncalves — How to Complete His Player Pick SBC

There's a new FIFA 21 Pedro Goncalves SBC available. If you need some help completing him, make sure to check out our guide.

FIFA 21 is fully into Future Stars. We’ve gotten several big-name, young players in packs, SBCs, and objectives. However, the fun is far from over. Today, the team added a new version of FIFA 21 Pedro Goncalves into SBCs. Like the Bruno Guimaraes SBC from last week, this one is a player pick. That means you’ll get to select between his right-wing or center-mid card. Considering most of the community did that Flashback Cristiano Ronaldo, I assume most will go for the central version. Check him out.

Personally, this new version of Goncalves doesn’t do much for me. Sure, he’s a solid enough player in either position and isn’t crazy expensive. That said, he has a terrible league for links and if you’re looking for a Portuguese player, I think there are better options. Bruno Fernandes is about half the price of the center-mid card. The right-wing version maybe has some versatility, but it’s still going hamstring your squad-building options.

Unless you just have to have a player from Portugal in that position, I think you’d be better off passing on this one. Again, it’s not a bad set of cards, I just don’t know if the value is there considering how much he’s forcing you into a Portuguese squad. That said if you have to have him, see the solutions below for a bit of inspiration.

FIFA 21 is running Future Stars for two more weeks. We’ll get a new set of players in packs on Friday and we’re sure to get several more SBCs and objectives over the coming days. Make sure to check back if you need help completing them. FIFA 21 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.