FIFA 21 Reveal Trailer Provides First Look at Upcoming Features

Get a great look at some of football's biggest stars and a few quick shots of FIFA 21.

Today, EA Sports provided fans with their first real look at FIFA 21. Of course, it was mostly just real-life football players hamming it up for the camera, but there were like two whole seconds of gameplay in there! And, the team did launch a new web page that gives quite a bit of important information to dive into. That said if you want to watch Mbappe, Haaland, and the boys smash together what’s basically an Instagram video, give the FIFA 21 reveal trailer a watch below.

Now into things that actually matter. While we won’t get a good look at gameplay or modes until next month, the official FIFA 21 features page does have some key info to digest. Gameplay-wise, the team is promising an “all-new dynamic attacking” system that aims to revolutionize the game.

Importantly, this looks to add both Agile Dribbling and new Creative Runs to improve your attack. The new dribbling additions aim to make it easier to attack defenders in a one-on-one situation, while the improved runs should open up new off-ball opportunities for your build-up play. EA is also implementing something called Positioning Personality, which hopes to make players better fit into their respective positions.

Of course, so much of this needs to be played to be believed. EA has promised various gameplay improvements over the years that just haven’t had the intended effect once the game ships. I’m not saying none of these gameplay changes will make it into the game. I’m simply saying that I’m taking a wait-and-see approach with FIFA 21‘s gameplay. Something I would encourage everyone to do.

Outside of gameplay, the biggest announcement is FUT Co-op. Players can partner together in Ultimate Team for new sets of objectives in either squad battles or division rivals. It’s not the improved servers most players want, but at least you can now suffer through the lag together.

Personally, the thing I’m most excited about is the new Interactive Match Sim in Career Mode. Finally being able to jump into the middle of a sim is a long-needed feature. It’s mind-boggling that it’s taken them this long to get here, considering how long it’s been in Madden. Career Mode actually looks like it’s getting a fair number of additions this year. Again, I’ll wait to see how well things like match sharpness and the revamped growth system actually work, but it seems promising. Especially if they bring over the ability to slowly turn a player’s position into FUT.

As mentioned above, the FIFA 21 trailer doesn’t give us much to go on. And, while the info page is chock-full of great-sounding details, I need to wait to see it action to believe it. Fortunately, we’ll be getting better looks at everything coming this year in August. Stay tuned for more updates.

FIFA 21 launches on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One October 9. The game is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X once those consoles launch.

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