FIFA 21 Sandro Tonali — How to Unlock His Player Moments Card

FIFA 21 Sandro Tonali — How to Unlock His Player Moments Card

Future Stars is here. That means tons of new cards for football's youngest stars. See how to unlock the new FIFA 21 Sandro Tonali objective.

Futur Stars is finally here. That means tons of young players getting brand new cards in FIFA 21. One of those players is Sandro Tonali, who actually had a god-like Future Stars card back in FIFA 20. While the new FIFA 21 Sandro Tonali Player Moments card isn’t as good as the old one, it’s hard to deny this card’s quality. If you want to learn how to easily unlock him, read on below. We’ll give you the easiest way to complete his objectives quickly.

The first thing to note is that all of his objectives have to be finished in the Managerial Masterpiece Friendly. The requirements here are a bit annoying, but not terrible. You have to create a team with a max overall rating of 77 without using any bronze players and, at most, three silvers. It means you can’t just use the best players in your club, but you can still get creative.

One popular option is to start the game with three top-tier players on your bench. Then you just sub them in after kickoff. The issue with Tonali’s objective is that you need to use Serie A players. If you don’t have quality players in that league, it could be tough. I would look at players like Victor Osimhen, Kevin Lasagna, and Hirving Lozano as lower-rated golds that can push you to victory. Once you get your team, things should be pretty simple. Here is the full objective list.

  • Assist with a Through Ball in 2 separate matches using Midfielders.
  • Score in 3 separate matches using Italian players.
  • Assist 6 goals using playing with min. 4* Weak Foot.
  • Win 6 matches.
  • Score in 12 separate matches using Serie A players.

Again, all of these need to be done in the Managerial Masterpiece Friendly mode. You have a week to finish it off, but it shouldn’t take too long. FIFA 21 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.