FIFA 21 Brings Out An Exceptional Team of Group Stage for FUT

FIFA 21 Brings Out An Exceptional Team of Group Stage for FUT

FIFA 21 is celebrating the end of Champions League and Europa League group play with a brand new Team of the Group Stage.

FIFA 21 is back with yet another promo. However, this time around the new team is entirely based on performance. Team of the Group Stage takes the best players from the group stages of Champions League and Europa League football and puts them in FUT. As you probably expect, that means several top-tier talents and some lower-ranked darlings. Check it out below.

Many of the usual players are on the TOTGS team. Obviously, the big names like Lionel Messi, Kevin De Bruyne, Joshua Kimmich, and Bruno Fernandes are going to headline the event. After all, they already have great cards in FIFA 21. So now those cards are going to be even better? Expect a sizeable chunk of change if you’re hoping to pick them up soon.

Another player who is going to be very expensive is Marcus Rashford. His normal card already goes for over 200,000 coins. That TOTGS card will not be cheap. Staying with the Premier League players, Raheem Sterling, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Nicholas Pepe, and Diogo Jota are all in the squad. Plus, Lucas Moura is sitting in SBCs if you want to use some untradeable players to craft an upgrade for a great winger with amazing links.

Jota is an especially fun addition, as he also has a Ones To Watch card. Since TOTGS is performance-based, that OTW card will also get a rating bump. So, if you did that objective, congrats on your new 83-rated Jota.

Over in the Italian league, players can pick up Alejandro Gomez, Francesco Acerbi, Theo Hernandez, and Morata. Both Gomez and Hernandez are popular Serie A options, so don’t expect to get them too cheap. Acerbi, on the other hand, is basically SBC fodder unless you’re a big Lazio fan. Morata might have a bit more value, but with his pace, he’s going to be tougher to play at striker.

Joining Messi from La Liga is Diego Carlos. Given that he was already an incredibly meta center-back, I’d expect this one to come at a pretty hefty price. Meanwhile, in the French Ligue 1, players can grab Keylor Navas and Yusuf Yazici. Again, these players shouldn’t be too expensive but are fun cards for fans of those clubs.

Finally, the Bundesliga has two players in the team and one in Objectives. If you want, you can go pick up Erling Haaland and Nico Elvedi to fill out your Bundesliga team. Haaland already has two other performance-based cards, which are currently about half the price of his TOTGS. Unless you just have to have something new and shiny, I’d probably just grab one of those. Kingsley Coman is the player in Objectives. You can do the whole thing in Friendlies and probably finish it in a few hours with some luck. Not a bad card for the time commitment.

Between this TOTGS squad dropping into FUT and the likely beginning of FUTmas next week, now is a great time to hop into FIFA 21. Sure, the servers are often a mess, which makes gameplay terrible, but it’s hard to deny that EA is at least giving the community tons of content to play. That, in itself, is a solid upgrade from last year’s game.

FIFA 21 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.