FIFA 21 — Objective Guide for Season 3, Week 5

FIFA 21 — Objective Guide for Season 3, Week 5

FIFA 21 has a new set of weekly objectives. If you need some help completing them or just a good way to track as you play, we've got you covered.

FIFA 21 is nearing the end of its third season. That means those level 30 Storyline players are within reach if you’ve been keeping up. So, if you’re like me, this is the week you should be getting your hands on that beautiful Christian Pulisic card. Someone hold me.

The only problem is that EA doesn’t do a good job of sourcing those objectives once you get in the game. Instead, we’re forced to make our own spreadsheets to keep track of everything we need to do once the match kicks off. Below, I’ve collected all the weekly objectives for easy viewing. Plus, I’ve given a few tips for completing them alongside some of the new objective players in the game. Check out the week 5 objectives below.

Week 5 – Bronze

As always, these objectives are dead simple. You can complete them in whichever mode suits your fancy. Unless you just have to finish them right away, I would suggest completing them as you finish off either the Luis Suarez or Jack Grealish objectives. It’s always best to partner objectives where you can and those are great options.

  • Play 3 matches in any FUT Game Mode.
  • Score 2 Finesse Goals in any FUT Game Mode.
  • Assist in two separate matches in any FUT Game Mode.
  • Apply a Contract Item to any player.

Week 5 – Silver

This set is going to force you into Squad Battles. I know a lot of people hate on the single-player portion of FUT, but these won’t take you long. Just hop into two quick games and get it over with. Unfortunately, that means you can’t really partner them with anything else, but at least they’re easy enough to finish off.

  • Assist using a Defender in two Squad Battles matches, on Min. Semi-Pro difficulty.
  • Score 3 goals during the same match in any FUT Game Mode.
  • Play a match against this week’s Featured Squad in Squad Battles on Min. Semi-Pro difficulty.
  • Win 3 matches in any FUT Game Mode.

Week 5 – Gold

Here’s where things get a bit more interesting. For the Squad Battles objectives, I’ll probably throw together a Ligue 1 squad and get them all done in one go. You can use Marco Verratti or Alessandro Florenzi for your Italian player. Then, there are several options for both French and Brazilians in that league.

From there, it’s just about grinding out those Rivals’ objectives. They’re mostly pretty easy if you have the time to set aside and knock them out.

  • Score using a player from Italy and Assist using a player from France in the same Squad Battles match on Min. Professional difficulty.
  • Win a Rivals Match using a starting squad containing at least 2 players from each of the following nations: England, Spain, Germany.
  • Assist in 2 Squad Battles matches on Min. Professional difficulty using a player from Brazil.
  • Score a goal from a cross in Rivals, using a player from Spain.
  • Earn 3,500 Rivals Points.

And that should get you sorted. FIFA 21 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Now is a decent time to hop in given how many great players are in packs. You won’t pack one, but it’s fun to try.