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FIFA 22 Update 1.28 Patch Notes For Today (August 2)

A minor fix for a visual bug.

August 2, 2022

FIFA 22 receives title update 15 today, which for PlayStation users will be displayed as update 1.28. The patch notes reveal only a small fix for a minor bug and nothing more!

While the previous title update for FIFA 22 included some big changes to the gameplay in the case of defense mechanisms and attacking scenarios, the new patch is only a hotfix for certain instances of a Tifo that apparently didn’t appear correctly inside matches.

Today’s update will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The PC and Stadia versions of the update were launched last week. Below, you can check out the full patch notes for this FIFA 22 update 1.28.


General, Audio, and Visual

  • Addressed some instances of a Tifo not appearing correctly in-game.

FIFA 22 is almost at the end of its cycle as EA Sports is planning to launch FIFA 23 on September 30 this year, which is less than two months from now.

With the arrival of FIFA 23, EA Sports attempts to expand the presence of women’s football in the series by adding club football and national leagues to the game. Also, you can expect both men’s and women’s World Cup to be featured at launch.

Regarding the fact that World Cup 2022 will kick off in Winter instead of Summer, the developers have decided to include it from launch, instead of adding it as post-launch content.

This is going to be the last time that EA’s football simulation launches under the name of FIFA, and the developers are trying their best to make it the most ambitious entry of the series, before the name changes to EA Sports FC.

Hypermotion 2 is another improvement in FIFA 23 that will target the visuals and animations of the game. Hopefully, the PC version of the game will be based on next-gen versions, which allows PC gamers to experience Hypermotion for the first time.

A full announcement of the Career Mode and Ultimate Team modes in FIFA 23 is yet to arrive as we get closer to its launch. So far, we have seen some leaked screenshots from the Career mode, showing off some new improvements, including a new skill-tree system for players.

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