Fifteen Laid Off at Crytek After Warface Switches Publishers

Fifteen Laid Off at Crytek After Warface Switches Publishers

Today, Crytek announced that they have laid off 15 employees from their Frankfurt HQ.

Those laid off were originally working on publishing Warface, a free-to play shooter, in North America and Europe. After publishing for Warface recently switched to from Crytek to, Crytek decided to refocus on its core strengths, and while they were able to shuffle around most of those working on Warface, they did end up having to cut some jobs.

Crytek also closed down five studios last December. Avni Yerli, Crytek Co-Founder and Managing Director, also had the following to say about the layoffs:

“Crytek has always sought to push the boundaries of gaming, and that remains our primary goal as we scale down the business to re-focus on game and technology development first and foremost. Unfortunately, one of the inevitable effects of this process has been the redundancies we are announcing today. We are extremely grateful for the hard work and dedication of each and every person at Crytek, and the team members we now have to say goodbye to will receive comprehensive support that reflect that gratitude.

Crytek has also promised to offer support to the laid off employees looking for new jobs. Our thoughts and best go out to those affected.