Fifth PlanetSide 2 Command Center Video Discusses Updates and Resources

on September 24, 2012 10:02 PM

Sony Online Entertainment today released the fifth installment of their PlanetSide 2 Command Center series. In the video, Creative Director Matt Higby and Senior Art Director Tramell Isaac discuss the external beta, data received from players, and new content such as warp gates and the highly anticipated continent of Esamir.

The video goes on to showcase the engineer class with photo, movie, and fan art submissions. Lastly, they discuss the plan to increase resource cost, something that doesn’t seem to sit well with beta participants. Players have responded promptly to the announcement, stating that the resource system is causing players to play in undesirable ways. Apparently there are some players that wish to be dedicated pilots or drivers in the MMOFPS, but are stifled by the resource system. Who knows, maybe SoE will take the feedback into account. PlanetSide 2 will be free for the PC and is currently in beta, you can head over to the game’s website to sign up.

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