Fight to the Death, Or Die Trying, In The Showdown Effect


Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Game Studios–the publisher and developer behind Magicka–is bringing their new game to Beta: The Showdown Effect.

Described as a fast-paced combat game with action-packed 2.5D multiplayer, The Showdown Effect is an insane game based on over-the-top movie cliches and cheesy 80’s action flicks.

The game seems to be based around four characters:

  • Dutch McClone: Sent into the future , his clones are trying to kill him. Whether his future is our present or not is unsure.
  • Hailey Skye: Her Nobel Peace Prize-winning scientist father has been mysteriously murdered, and it’s up to her to find out why.
  • Lance Koboldski: A cop close not ready for retirement, he’s still looking for one last punk to bust.
  • Shur Foo: A fighter whose fists more than make up for his horrible grammar.

A little while back Paradox announced that players can stream their multiplayer game live to Twitch TV, and allow others to spectate as they blow up their friends (or get blown up by their friends).

And speaking of streaming, The Showdown Effect is being streamed on Twitch TV by the developers to show off the chaos the game offers to players.

The Showdown Effect will be coming to PC March, 2013. Players can sign up for the Beta here, and see the game in the pictures and trailer below. For more news, stay tuned to


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