Fighting EX Layer Releasing for PS4 By the End of June; PC Version Might Be Possible Down the Line

Fighting EX Layer Releasing for PS4 By the End of June; PC Version Might Be Possible Down the Line

Arika provided a more precise release window for the PS4 launch of Fighting EX Layer, and didn't exclude a PC version down the line.

TodayDseries developer Arika hosted a livestream making quite a few announcements and providing more details about its upcoming game Fighting EX Layer.

First of all, we get the announcement that the game will launch worldwide on PS4 before the end of June, with final certification by Sony scheduled to begin in May. The release will be digital only, even if a physical launch is not excluded if the game does well.

At the moment China and Korea might be left out because a developer needs to have local connections or an office in order to receive a rating for the game. At the moment Arika doesn’t have a local contact, but they’ll do their best to solve the issue.

The game will be in English and Japanese in all region. Voice acting will be only in Japanese. Arika also wants to add text in French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and Russian, but they might come with a post-launch update.

Two versions will be sold. The standard version will cost $59.99, while the lite version will cost $39.99. The difference is that the lite version comes with five Gougi decks, while the standard version has fifteen. Both versions will have 12 characters at launch, but the standard version will include Hokuto on top of those, as a separate character from Shirase (they’re actually the same person).

Hokuto might be available as a separate DLC in the future. Additional colors (type-A and type-Gold) will also be sold as DLC. The base game includes color 1 and 2 for all characters. The Type-A DLC will include colors from 5 to 10 for each character, including possible future entries. The Type-Gold DLC will have to be bought separately for each character and includes colors 3 and 4. You can see them in the gallery below.

A new character has also been revealed, and it’s Shadowgeist.

The rest of the characters announced so far are Shirase (plus Hokuto), Skullomania, Blair Dame, Doctrine Dark, Darun Mister, Garuda, Kairi, Jack, and Allen Snider. Two are still unannounced, and you can check out their silhouette in the image at the top of the post, alongside Shadowgeist.

The folks at Arika at the moment don’t have the manpower to develop the game for PC for a Steam release. First of all they want to finish and release the PS4 version. Afterwards, if the PS4 launch does well, there is a possibility that the game might come to Steam. Unfortunately, the staff of the developer is not very experienced in working on PC, so they still need to look into it. The game is not formally a PS4 exclusive, but Sony has been really supportive, so Arika wants to make sure that the PS4 launch is given priority.

If you want to see more about the game, you can check out a recent trailer and the teases for Blair Dame and Jack.