Fighting EX Layer Will Come to PC on November 29

The spiritual successor to the Street Fighter EX series, Fighting EX Layer, is finally making its way over to PC at the end of the month.

November 14, 2018

Back in September, developer ARIKA announced that they would be bringing their spiritual successor to the Street Fighter EX series, Fighting EX Layer, to PC at some point. Through an announcement via social media, we now know that the game will be launching on PC via Steam on November 29.

As a special bonus to PC players, the game will receive a 25 percent off discount during its first week on the marketplace, meaning that it’ll cost you $30 USD, as opposed to $40. Furthermore, PC players will have access to all of the previously released content, which includes characters, stages, modes, as well as 4K support, and more.

Fighting EX Layer is a passion project from developer ARIKA, and it’s one of my personal fighting games of the year. The game has all of the unique fighters that made their debut in the Street Fighter EX series, without any of Capcom’s Street Fighter characters like Ryu, Chun-Li, and Akuma.

While Fighting EX Layer can come off as a pretty standard 2D fighter, the “Gougi System” really adds a solid layer of depth to battles. Players can equip special decks which will activate various abilities during each round. These abilities range from armor, invisibility, higher chip damage, and much, much more.

Fighting EX Layer is available now on PS4.

Jordan Boyd

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