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Fighting Fantasy may be a game that has not shown up on the radar of many, but it is definitely one that should tickle your fancy if you favor old school dungeon crawling RPGs. The games concept is based off a fantasy series written by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson, who are actually the founders of Games Workshop, which is a company that sells miniatures for tabletop games, such as Warhammer.

Play through the adventure and challenge the evil warlock Zagor. For many, evil warlocks may seem like a Fantasy cliche, but this game definitely makes me think of parts of Shadowgate for the NES. Just remember, this game is definitely a niche title and will not be for everyone. Feature list as well as screens and a video after the break.

  • Stunning 3D world, meticulous graphical details and smooth framerate make this one of the best-looking games ever on the DS.
  • More than 10 hours of RPG gameplay. Explore vast dungeons, fight hordes of powerful monsters, discover glittering treasure and achieve fame and fortune through conquest.
  • Choose from hundreds of weapons and armor pieces, including rare enchanted items, as you crush skulls and eviscerate enemies.
  • Learn powerful spells that will protect your character in combat or cause serious damage to enemies.
  • Enjoy in-depth NPC interaction. SPeak with characters to find information you need to move forward in your quests, learn new skills, trade and more.
  • Fight an impressive diversity of monsters as they attack with fireballs, axes, poison, spells and more.
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