Fights in Tight Spaces Is a Deck-Building Brawler That You Need to See

Publisher Mode 7 teams up developer Ground Shatter to release the beautiful tactical brawler Fights in Tight Spaces, a game you need to see.

March 16, 2020

Fights in Tight Spaces publisher Mode 7 is best known for its Frozen Synapse games. Those games are ones they actually published and developed. In the last few years, the team has been branching out as publishers. In 2017, they helped bring Tokyo 42 to market, following that up with 2018’s The Colonists. Fights in Tight Spaces is the next game up, and it’s mix of deck-building, tightly designed tactical brawling, and Superhot-like, minimal art is fascinating to watch in motion. Give the announce trailer a look below.

As one of DualShockers resident “board game guys,” it should come as no surprise that the proliferation of deck-building in video gaming is incredibly satisfying for me. And, while games like Slay the Spire have undoubtedly been successful, none of them have been as visually appealing for me personally as Fights in Tight Spaces. The game features over 150 cards for your deck-building escapades. That’s a ton of cards. This means you’ll be able to try out several different builds to find the one that best suits your playstyle. You can also upgrade cards you like, making it even easier to find your preferred build.

The team at Ground Shatter is also embracing the game’s nearly endless potential for replayability by adding in daily missions. Given the sheer number of options at your disposal, this mode seems incredibly fitting. If the core gameplay is as tight as it looks in trailers, I could easily see the daily mode catching on with a good-sized audience.

Fights in Tight Spaces is coming at some point in 2020. For now, it’s only coming to PC; however, the game seems tailor-made for a mobile experience. I, for one, can’t wait to experience this stylish visual treat for myself when it hits later this year.

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