Death Coming Is a Final Destination-Inspired Game About to Find Life on Steam Early Access

Next Studios has announced that Death Coming, its debut title inspired by Final Destination, will be... coming to Early Access.

on September 7, 2017 3:41 PM

Next Studio is an independent developer with a vision for a game not unlike the Final Destination film series. That’s why the team has announced work on Death Coming, a non-linear puzzle game about introducing innocent folks with their demise.

In Death Coming, you take on the role of a Reaper who must take the lives of particular targets. However, the catch is that your targets will need to be removed using more and more uncommon methods. If not timed correctly, the target will become suspicious and act accordingly. Plus, there are the angels of heaven to contend with, plotting against your aims at every turn.

Death Coming is a pixel-art title with various ways to progress. Manipulate the environment and find creative ways to kill your target in order to discover why you ever became an angel of death to begin with.

Death Coming  is expected to release on Steam Early Access this September. This is the first game to be released by the indie developer. Interested in seeing the game in action? Check out the announcement trailer below.

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