Final Fantansy Tactics To Be Released as a Social Game in Japan

on April 26, 2013 2:00 PM

Did you ever play Final Fantasy Tactics and wish that it could be a social game instead? Well now your (non)existent prayers have been answered: Final Fantasy Tactics S has been revealed for pre-registration in Japan, although a solid release date has not been announced yet. It will be developed by Square Enix and released through the social game portal Mobage (a combination of the words “mobile” and “game”).

The player character, known as the “grandmaster,” is tasked with the mission of restoring the light crystals to their former brilliance. The player must collect various classes of units using a “deck,” which is used to battle different monsters. Final Fantasy Tactics S will be released for the Android and iOS markets and will be free-to-play with an item cash shop.

And, as an extra bonus, anyone who pre-registers for the game will receive a very special and mysterious character from the original¬†Tactics. It’s anyone’s guess as to who this character will be–my own guess is either Ramza (the original game protagonist) or Cidolfus Orlandeau (Thunder God Cid to most fans).

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