Final Fantasy 12 PS4, PC Patch Adds Zodiac Age Features, Reportedly Breaks PC version

Final Fantasy 12 PS4 and PC players finally get the Switch, Xbox Zodiac Age features, but you should avoid patching your PC version for now.

This morning, out of the blue, Square released patches for both the PlayStation 4 and PC releases of Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age, which adds features that were unique to the Switch and Xbox One ports; unfortunately, it also breaks the PC version.

Released at the end of April last year, the Switch and Xbox versions of the enhanced FF12 remaster, known as The Zodiac Age, added features that weren’t present in the first PC or PS4 releases. These included a job reset feature that allows players to respec their characters and the ability to save three sets of gambits with which players could swap between, allowing for many more options in how your party of heroes behaves. They were exciting features and ones that the players on PC and PS4 wanted too.

Adventurers in Ivalice discovered when they woke up today with surprise patches which, after a long year of waiting, the highly wished-for features. It is unfortunate, however, that the patch for the PC version seems to be making the game unplayable, with reports on the game’s Steam forum saying that the patch mistakenly deletes the game’s configuration tool and some of the critical .dlls files.

Square hasn’t had much luck recently updating their PC ports of Final Fantasy games, with this Final Fantasy 12 issue being instance number 2. Earlier this month, an update to the PC version of Final Fantasy 9, appeared to remove the game from your computer. Shrinking the game’s install size to zero and allowing only the launcher to start, but not the game itself. Square hasn’t yet released a statement on the patch or any word when owners can expect a fix.

For the time being, PC players should avoid updating their game until a new, non-game breaking patch gets released, which will hopefully be forthcoming shortly!

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