Final Fantasy 15 Cosplay Captures Cindy Aurum Working the Pump

Final Fantasy 15 Cosplay Captures Cindy Aurum Working the Pump

Cosplayer Holly Wolf takes Cindy Aurum to the desert in new Final Fantasy 15 cosplay series, complete with desert, gas pumps, and photoshoot video.

Never let anyone tell you that working at a gas station is not glamorous, because cosplayer Holly Wolf is pulling it off. Recreating fan-favorite side character and mechanic Cindy Aurum, Wolf is bringing her all  — complete with a gas-station motif. And in a cosplay scene already populated with a lot Final Fantasy 15 work, Holly Wolf is among the best.

For those who follow Holly Wolf’s work, this photo series was part of a March set to her Patreon backers, and was captured with the assistance of photographer Jerome G Hamilton (sans Photoshop). If you are wondering where she is recreating Final Fantasy 15 mechanic Hammerhead service station, the setting is based somewhere around Las Vegas, NV:

Of course, no modeling photoset is complete without a bit of a cat walk. And you can catch Cindy– erm… Holly striking various poses and strutting around in her photoshoot video:

If you haven’t played any of Final Fantasy 15, don’t worry about any spoilers here — Cindy is the head mechanic who oh-so-often is helping spruce up Prince Noctis’ car, the Regalia. Found at the Hammerhead Service Station, she is one of the more iconic characters from the latest Final Fantasy game thanks to her neon yellow jack and other attire.

In fact, Cindy has been a focus point for both developer Square Enix and fans alike. The development team showcased Cindy in how their modeling software worked for Final Fantasy 15, while fans of the game have made her one of the primary subjects of fanart. She even managed to make a cameo in the VR fishing gameMonster of the Deep: Final Fantasy 15.

Meanwhile, Holly Wolf is far from pigeon-holed with Final Fantasy 15 cosplay — she’s also taken on projects (which are perhaps more NSFW) in her dedicated Instagram account, including NieR: Automata protagonist 2B.

In the world of Final Fantasy 15, we just got Episode Ardyn — a final hurrah to an epic installment that won DualShockers Game of the Year in 2016. If you never managed to pick the game up, it is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, purchasable via Amazon. Meanwhile, make sure to check out some of Holly Wolf’s other work, which can be found on her Instagram, Twitter, YouTube channel, and Patreon.

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