Final Fantasy 16 Reveals New Development Update, YoshiP Comments Translated

New update on the voice acting and motion capture of Final Fantasy 16

By Iyane Agossah

July 25, 2021

Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida revealed yet another update on the Square Enix JRPG and its development, this time on WasyaganaTV, the YouTube show hosted by popular seiyuu Yuichi Nakamura and game journalist Mafia Kajita.

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Final Fantasy 16 – New development update shared by YoshiP explained

WasyaganaTV on YouTube features both pre-recorded videos and live streams, and on July 25, a special live stream was held with Naoki Yoshida playing Final Fantasy XIV with the show’s hosts.

According to Japanese blog Game’s Talk, Naoki Yoshida explained that, as a producer, he follows a strict policy of never attending voice recordings. Following these remarks, the topic shifted towards Final Fantasy XVI and its dubbing progress. YoshiP mentioned the game’s English dubbing is nearly over, and the Japanese dubbing will start soon. I translated YoshiP’s comments below as reported by Game’s Talk.

Note that the Wasyagana stream was set to private after it ended, so I can’t link you to specific timestamps. Update: The video is public again, the discussion starts around the 2:49 timestamp linked below:

Naoki Yoshida comments on Final Fantasy 16 voice recording, motion capture

Naoki Yoshida: “I’ve been working on FFXIV for 8 years now, but I actually never went to any of its recordings. I’m a scenarist myself, so I know that if I go, I’ll step into the writers’ shoes. I don’t wanna do that out of respect for them. And I’m both the director and producer of the game. It’ll be confusing if I was there and gave the seiyuu some instructions on top of the writers.”

“What about Final Fantasy 16?”

Naoki Yoshida: “I’m not attending the recordings either. Because I’m not the game’s scenarist. During the scenario-focused meetings we’ve had, we already had a lot of discussions like “this line would be better that way, to show protagonist Clive’s psychology” and those remarks are taken into account during recordings.”

Naoki Yoshida: “We’ve been prioritizing English voice recording. And we’re specifically doing it in British English. We’re using facial capture, so later on, we won’t have to adjust by hand each of the faces during cutscenes. And it’s full capture, as in, the motion capture actors are also doing the voice acting simultaneously. Well, we’re not doing it for every single cutscene though. But anyway, that’s why English dubbing has progressed the most. The Japanese dubbing will start soon.”

These are follow-up comments after the Final Fantasy XIV The 7th 14-hour Broadcast two weeks ago, where YoshiP talked about FF16 and its voice acting. Back then, since he stated the English dub was nearly over, I thought he implied that the Japanese dub was already recorded. Since the Japanese dub is usually the first one recorded with Japanese games. Turns out it wasn’t the case, and they’ll get to it soon.

Overall, this is a similar situation to what Kojima Productions did with Death Stranding. The game was first dubbed in English, with its international actors and actresses simultaneously doing the characters’ motion capture. And then the seiyuu dubbed it in Japanese.

More on WasyaganaTV, Final Fantasy XVI

WasyaganaTV was launched in April 2020 by our Japanese peers at 4Gamer and freelance journalist Mafia Kajita (who mainly works for 4Gamer). Mafia Kajita is a longtime friend of Yuichi Nakamura, and they most notably used to host Star Ocean‘s radio show. I already talked about Wasyagana in the past when Pop Team Epic‘s Bkub first appeared on the show.

Final Fantasy XVI is scheduled to launch on PS5 and has no release date estimate yet. The game will possibly release on Xbox and PC later on, as it’s implied to be a timed PS5 exclusive.

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