Opinion: Final Fantasy 16 Could Have Had Female Protagonist From This Prototype

Final Fantasy 16 will no doubt be explored at E3 2021, but what if Square Enix had included the female protagonist from this 2018 prototype?

The prototype demo was created by Square Enix’s CG studio Visual Works, and built to offer its character design technology to aspiring content creators.

The five-minute trailer features a cyborg assassin, battling against a female antagonist within picturesque settings. Having a female-driven narrative throughout FF16 would have been a welcomed addition – something that hasn’t been explored since FF13.

Prototype Demo Trailer (2018)

Prototype Demo Trailer (2018)

Who is the Protagonist?

Credit: Visual Works

The rose-haired warrior dressed in black is the lead of this prototype, sporting a bionic eye to target enemies. The character appears to be half-cyborg, half-woman, who challenges a white-haired , geisha-like character wearing a porcelain mask.

The relationship between the two characters is represented by ying and yang visuals, and they clearly have a history together. Both women have a vulnerability about them which never overshadows their strength or charm.

You could definitely see the bionic woman leading a riot group similar to Avalanche, and in classic Final Fantasy style, her femininity is never compromised.

The characters have robust designs that could potentially open up a unique inventory of magic and weaponry. There is also an intimate story at the heart of this prototype, calling out to be explored. 

What Story Did the Prototype Offer?

Credit: Visual Works

The Final Fantasy series has delivered rich narratives with poignancy throughout its existence. The prototype’s tale, on the other hand, is brief but compelling, capturing your interest from the beginning.

As the trailer ends, we see that there are colonies living on the outer rim of a planet, which could be fleshed out to establish a brand new world. This world could have a similar social mechanic to Final Fantasy 7’s Midgar, where cybernetics allow for heightened interconnectivity.

The bionic protagonist is clearly the lead of this concept, with the white-haired antagonist offering a deeper story between them. Both are strong enough to carry a main entry on their own, with a passionate story at the heart of their conflict.

Square Enix and Visual Works are clearly flaunting their artistry, and it’s a real tease for fans who see wonderful potential in the characters they create for fun.

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