Final Fantasy XVI Rumored to be a Timed PS5 Exclusive

Final Fantasy XVI Rumored to be a Timed PS5 Exclusive

Final Fantasy XVI is said to be coming to PS5 and it might be arriving sooner than many would anticipate.

Rumors related to the next mainline installment in the Final Fantasy series have been circling for some time now. While a new game in the franchise, Final Fantasy VII Remake, just released earlier this year, it has been nearly 4 years since Final Fantasy XV launched, which makes it seem just about time for the next iteration in the series to be revealed. According to one potential insider, that reveal could be coming quite soon.

Divulged by Resetera user Navtra (and originally reported by WccftechFinal Fantasy XVI is indeed real and it’s “closer than most people would think.” Navtra says that based on what they’re aware of, the 16th installment in the mainline Final Fantasy series was originally set to be unveiled back at Sony’s PS5 reveal event in June. Instead, all that Square Enix ended up rolling up with was the announcement of Project Athia.

Far and away the most interesting aspect of Navtra’s new comments though relate to how Final Fantasy XVI will have some sort of exclusivity to the PS5 platform. While details of this exclusivity still aren’t known for certain, Navtra goes as far to say that “it seems to be full timed exclusivity now.” Considering FF7R was a timed exclusive for PS4 as well, this wouldn’t be too shocking.

Again, keep in mind that none of this is confirmed just yet, so don’t take anything that Navtra is saying about Final Fantasy XVI to be true by any means. That said, there have been some supporting rumors in recent weeks that Sony has opened its checkbook to score other exclusives from third-party companies. This has already been shown to be true with games like Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo, so it wouldn’t be shocking to potentially see the PS5 manufacturer scoring other deals with publishers like Square Enix.

Sony is said to be revealing more information about the PS5 later in August, so if Final Fantasy XVI is indeed real and is set to be shown off, maybe we’ll learn of its existence in the coming weeks.

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