The “Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Ultimate Wine” Is a $950 Treat Only for True Fans

The “Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Ultimate Wine” Is a $950 Treat Only for True Fans

Square Enix decided to test just how much you love Final Fantasy, in local currency.

How much are you willing to spend to satisfy your love for the Final Fantasy series? Square Enix decided to test just that, and during the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Event at the Toho Cinema Roppongi Hills venue in Tokyo, which DualShockers attended, they announced a few rather peculiar treats.

The first is the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Ultimate Wine, a luxury package including a Chateau Bordeaux vintage 1987, which is the year when the first Final Fantasy game was launched in Japan. It comes with a set of two crystal glasses created by Swarovski, that actually had a video message congratulating the series for the anniversary broadcasted during the event.

It’s a premium limited item that costs 108,000 yen including taxes. The conversion leaves us at roughly $950. No. I’m not pulling your leg.

For those who aren’t that rich, or don’t love Final Fantasy enough to spend a sizable portion of their monthly salary on wine and cups, there are two less pricey options.

The Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Wine Ifrit Rouge and the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Wine Shiva Blanc are respectively a special Pinot Noir (Château du Bois/Bourgogne Rouge) and Chardonnay white (Château du Bois/Mâcon Milly-Lamartine Cuvée Éole), priced at  4,860 yen and 9,180 yen ($43 and $80) including taxes. For the moderate but discerning drinker.

Of course, wine goes well with cake, and the Final Fantasy 30th anniversary delivers in that department as well.

Square Enix is releasing three different themed cakes, Chocobo (orange and vanilla mousse), Moogle (strawberry and mascarpone mousse), and Cactuar (black chocolate and matcha mousse). Each will be priced at 4,500 yen including taxes, which translates roughly to $40.

Each item will be available in the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary special e-store.

Below you can check out a few official pictures from the press release, and the real things, photographed by yours truly at the event. Unfortunately, they didn’t let me get anywhere near the bottles with a wine opener.