Final Fantasy VII Main Menu Fan Remake is Simple and Breathtaking

Final Fantasy VII Main Menu Fan Remake is Simple and Breathtaking

Gear your computer up for the Final Fantasy VII Remake with this wallpaper-worthy recreation of the game's original main menu

If you’re a Final Fantasy fan, there’s plenty for you to already be excited about. In just four short days, Final Fantasy VII: Remake is set to release and is one of the few major titles this year that hasn’t been pushed back. But still, it’s a few days away. So, the question is, how can you sate your thirst for giant swords and materia until then? Luckily, Reddit user Ekkuses has something just for you: a gorgeous remake of the game’s original main menu screen.

Now, I’m assuming your gaming setup is already decked out with everything Final Fantasy. You’ve probably got posters of the FFVII crew, maybe plushies, stuff like that. But if your computer background is lacking some of that Final Fantasy flair, this menu remake can more than do the job.

Final Fantasy VII REMADE main menu

It’s perfect for those looking for something a bit more simple, a bit more elegant. The buster sword is rendered beautifully, a single glowing materia inserted at the base of the blade. A spotlight shines on it, reflecting the metal of the great sword back onto the wooden floor it’s piercing. As I said, it’s a simple remake, but it doesn’t have to be anything more.

If you’re curious about exactly how the picture works as a background, I downloaded it and gave it a try on my main monitor. I’m not using anything too fancy, it’s just a regular 1080p monitor and on it, the remade menu looks fantastic. Barring a little bit of lost sharpness, this should be perfect for any Final Fantasy fan.

While you’re waiting for Final Fantasy VII: Remake to come out, why not check out our review of the game? Once again, Final Fantasy VII: Remake comes out in just four short days, on April 10.