Final Fantasy 7 Player’s Mother Recreates Character from the Game and Totally Nails It

A 70-year-old retired hairdresser from Scotland decided to cosplay as a Final Fantasy 7 remake NPC to cheer her son up through the coronavirus lockdown.

Final Fantasy 7 remake is the game so many players are diving into right now and it’s easy to see why. In the UK the game topped the charts in its first week on the market, selling double the copies of the previous week’s big release Resident Evil 3 and in just 3 days, shipments and digital sales passed 3.5 million worldwide. One of those players who helped bump those sales figures up is Grant Dyer who while playing Final Fantasy 7 remake, stumbled across an NPC who looked just like his own mother.

Grant who is better known as GrinitD over on Reddit had been enjoying the remake of the 1997 PlayStation hit until he noticed someone familiar. While completing different objectives in Sector 6 Slums, Grant came across an NPC who goes by the name of Mireille and realized how much she looked like his own mum. Taking humor in this, Grant then took a screenshot of Mireille and sent it to her, not thinking anymore about it until he happened to get a picture of her cosplaying as that very same NPC. Using whatever she could find to match Mireille’s attire, the Scottish 70-year-old retired hairdresser and volunteer gardener at a local park managed to pull off this Final Fantasy 7 cosplay with ease due to her collection of old heavy clothes she had for when she’s working through the winter.

When Grant posted his mother’s Final Fantasy 7 cosplay endeavor over on Reddit, it was met with amazingly high praise. Commenters remarked on how funny and adorable it was and how much they wanted to give her a hug – post quarantine, of course. Grant told Reddit that he was going to make sure to show his mother all of the lovely comments people were leaving for his mother and that it would make her day especially as they can’t see each other at present due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Remaining on the emotional aspect of Final Fantasy 7 remake, Briana White shared a video clip of her live-streaming the game and as Aerith is first introduced, we can see the Aerith voice actress begin to become very moved especially so when Aerith hands Cloud a flower. The Japanese voice actor for Cloud, Takahiro Sakurai had declared in an interview that if he had to choose, he would choose Tifa over Aerith.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is available on PS4 and if you have yet to read our review on the game, you can check that out right here.

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