Final Fantasy 7 Remake Artwork Shows the Initial Party Together on the Highway

Cloud and his friends on the highway, together. Cait Sith stays in Gold Saucer, crying in a corner.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake official Twitter accounts, both the English one and the Japanese one, tweeted a new key visual artwork for the game. It shows the initial party together. We’ve got Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith, and Red XIII, together on the highway.

While we don’t know when Final Fantasy 7 Remake ends yet, this scene is probably very late into the game, slightly before the ending, seeing in the original, this is when the party leaves Midgar.

It’s nice to see the gang together this way. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a full remake with many changes. While the rest of the story will be covered in one or two additional games, as this game is said to take place in Midgar, it’ll be longer than the Midgard part of the original game. While we don’t know how many hours are needed to clear the main story, this remake isn’t something similar to short episodic games, and this can’t be stressed enough.

With all this in mind, I’m personally hoping we’ll get to somehow see cameos of the other party members of the original game, like Yuffie. Cait Sith is fine and can be in the remake too. Square Enix is already working on the second game of this FF7 remake project, so maybe somewhere, someone at Square Enix is working on Cait Sith right now as I’m typing this.

Final Fantasy VII Remake launches on April 10 on PS4. Square Enix announced the game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive until April 2021. Many of us at DualShockers are pretty hyped about the game. Be sure to check out the upcoming café, concerts, the guest artists’ Final Fantasy artwork gallery, and the latest trailer. You can preorder the game on Amazon to support us.

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