Final Fantasy 7 Remake Fan Art Will Tug At Your Nostalgic Heartstrings

Artist Viny Kun commemorated Final Fantasy 7 Remake's launch with a touching fan art that has the new walking hand-in-hand with the old.

The train pulls in and Cloud Strife hops off.

It’s a memory etched into the minds of millions, the start of an adventure that would go on to redefine what video games could be, and one that would forever ingrain itself with a generation that spent countless hours playing it on this little grey box from Japan. And with arrival of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, one we’re seeing again in a way never thought possible 23 years ago.

It’s April 10, 2020. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is finally, officially, out, and to commemorate the occasion, one artist produced a work of art that is sure to hit any fan like a nostalgic brick wall.

Viny Kun (@KunViny on Twitter) drew up her version of FFVII’s iconic opening with a highly creative and touching twist, depicting the modern Remake version of Cloud walking hand-in-hand toward the Mako 1 Reactor with his low-poly caricature of the past.

“Let’s save the world again,” it says in that unmistakable blue text box above them.

“The remake is here and it was important for me to immortalize this moment by drawing!” she wrote in her Twitter post. “I started to draw mostly with this game and all these years it continued to inspire me! Have a nice game everyone!”

Final Fantasy 7 means a lot to a lot of people, including its character designer and Remake’s director, Tetsuya Nomura, who also commemorated the long-awaited launch with his own art of Cloud and a message welcoming every fan back to Midgar.

It took nearly five years, longer than that depending on who you ask, but Final Fantasy VII Remake is here. A faithful but risky retelling that’s ahead on its way.

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