Final Fantasy VII Remake Final Trailer Includes New Story Reveals

Final Fantasy VII Remake Final Trailer Includes New Story Reveals

Square Enix published the jaw-dropping final trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake ahead of the game's official release on PS4.

Square Enix published the final trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake on April 3. The trailer is over 4 minutes long, and shows glimpses of some brand new scenes. To quote Square Enix’ own words, this final trailer includes jaw-dropping reveals, whether you played the original or not. This is a spoiler warning from Square Enix. Those who wish to avoid spoilers and keep as many surprises as possible for when they discover the game themselves should avoid watching this trailer.

If you do wish to watch the trailer and find out what those reveals are, you can check it just below.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Final Trailer:

Final Fantasy VII Remake will officially be available on April 10. The game is a PS4 exclusive. Many around the world in Europe and Australia already have physical copies of the game. I’ve got a few friends in France who already own it. As you already heard, Square Enix shipped the remake early in these territories, due to the Covid-19 crisis. Square Enix and retailers kindly asked those who already have the game to avoid spoiling those who don’t. The pre-load period has been pushed earlier too, seeing the game is around 100 GB.

Personally speaking, Final Fantasy VII Remake is the first Square Enix game I’ve been hyped for in a long while. Alongside the remake of another legendary JRPG, Trials of Mana, which is launching on April 24. With the fresh western release of Persona 5 Royal, and Sakura Wars coming on April 28, these days of confinement must be heaven on earth for certain Japanese games fans.

Besides this crazy final trailer, Square Enix is also publishing making of videos for Final Fantasy VII Remake: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3. You can also read some words from Director Tetsuya Nomura here and here.

Square Enix confirmed Final Fantasy VII Remake will be a PS4 exclusive until at least April 2021. The company is also already working on one or more sequels.