Final Fantasy VII Remake Install Size Revealed

Final Fantasy VII Remake is already in the hands of certain fans who shared online pictures of the game's box case.

By Iyane Agossah

April 1, 2020

Pictures of the physical version of Final Fantasy VII Remake has emerged online. The game has been shipping early in Europe and Australia, with retailers putting it on shelves and giving it out early too. The pictures most notably show the back of the box, revealing Final Fantasy VII Remake has an around 100 GB install size.

Seems the game is pretty big. As previously reported, Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s physical version is on two blu ray discs, one being used for installing. Comparing the PS4 install size of different games doesn’t mean much since each game is made in a different way, but FF7R definitely seems big. If you want to compare, Persona 5 Royal’s install size was 30 GB (at least the Japanese version was), and Kingdom Hearts III was 40 GB.

Regardless of its install size, it’s been pretty obvious for a while now Final Fantasy VII Remake is a huge game and a pretty complete experience. Tetsuya Nomura stressed this out in Japanese interviews we translated as well.

You can read more on FF7R with our past coverage. The game’s original soundtrack has been disclosed. PS1 polygon figures of the characters have been announced. Be sure to check out the making of videos for the game as well. You can also read more past comments from Nomura on the game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be officially available on April 10 worldwide, exclusively on PlayStation 4. The game is a PS4 exclusive until April 2021. Meaning it could get announced to other consoles and PC then. I wouldn’t be surprised if the game came to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Square Enix is already working on the sequel, but we don’t know yet if there will be one or two more games.

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