Tetsuya Nomura: Development on Parts of Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Ahead of Kingdom Hearts III

Tetsuya Nomura: Development on Parts of Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Ahead of Kingdom Hearts III

Tetsuya Nomura explains that certain areas of Final Fantasy VII Remake are ahead of Kingdom Hearts III in development, and Naoki Hamaguchi's appointment as Project Lead.

With the announcement that sees Kingdom Hearts III being released in 2018, many are wondering about the status of another major project under Tetsuya Nomura’s Direction: the Final Fantasy VIII Remake for PS4.

Nomura-san himself gave an update in an interview on the issue of Weekly Famitsu released today.

“Although there are also parts [of the Final Fantasy VII Remake] – such as cutscenes – that are ahead of Kingdom Hearts III, we’re in the process of switching from outsourced development to development in-house, so we don’t expect to release any relevant information for some time.”

Nomura-san also talked about the appointment as Project Lead of Naoki Hamaguchi, who worked in the same role in Mobius: Final Fantasy. He clarified that while some say that Hamaguchi joined the project recently, he’s always been involved with the Final Fantasy VII Remake from the beginning.

The reason behind Hamaguchi-san’s role is quite simple. While Nomura-san doesn’t belong to any specific business division (the development units within Square Enix, for instance Final Fantasy XV is developed by Business Division 2) at Square Enix, Hamaguchi-san is part of Business Division 1, which is the one in charge of development for the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Someone was needed within that division to handle the staff directly, and that’s Hamaguchi-san.

It’s the same situation with Tai Yasue, Co-Director of Kingdom Hearts III, which covers a similar role within Business Division 3.  Nomura-san concluded by mentioning in jest that he himself is more like a mercenary involved across sections.

If you want to read more, you shouldn’t miss our own interview with Tetsuya Nomura himself, directly from D23 expo. He explained why the game’s development extended longer than expected, how the team packed much more gameplay and fun in Kingdom Hearts III than in previous games of the franchise, and how he tackles the challenge of developing the game alongside another massive production like Final Fantasy VII Remake. Today, we also saw the release of new screenshots for the Square Enix X Disney crossover.

Kingdom Hearts III will be released in 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One, while Final Fantasy VII Remake still doesn’t have a firm release window.