Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 Could Be Revealed This Year, As per Devs

A great year for Final Fantasy fans!

January 31, 2022

Final Fantasy 7 Remake itself arrived back in 2020 after multiple delays and pushbacks, so it’s important that Square Enix doesn’t follow the same path with Part 2, which is apparently going to be showcased this year.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was one of the greatest launches from the franchise over the past years that ended the hunger from the series’ fans for a story-driven experience after Final Fantasy XV.

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Now, while Final Fantasy XVI is the mainstream project from the franchise under development, there are other projects as well, which you might already know about them.


Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is currently the closest project to launch from the franchise. After that, we should probably anticipate the arrival of Final Fantasy XVI, and later on, Final Fantasy VII Remke Part 2 should be available if there is no other surprising project in the pipeline.

While the release windows for Final Fantasy Origin and XVI are already announced, we could probably get more information on when to expect the second part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake drops later this year.

If Everything Goes According to Plans, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 Will Be Revealed This Year

In a recent anniversary event for FF7, the director behind the original version of Final Fantasy 7, Yoshinori Kitase, revealed that we can expect to receive more info about Part 2 this year.

When Kitase was asked about when we could expect the announcement of FF7 Remake Part 2, he said:

Well yeah. We just started the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, so we want to celebrate and get fans excited, so within the next 12 months we want to share some information. Look forward to more information!

Yoshinori Kitase

While you should probably tone down your expectations to a short confirmation teaser, let’s hope for a detailed look at the game when it’s ready.

It’s yet to be seen whether Square Enix would follow a similar policy in launching the second part of the game or not. The first part was released on PC over a year after its launch on PS4. And it wasn’t a proper port, to be honest.

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