Final Fantasy VII Remake Physical Release May Not Arrive on Launch Day for Some

Final Fantasy VII Remake Physical Release May Not Arrive on Launch Day for Some

Square has released a statement that may indicate the physical version of Final Fantasy VII Remake will be hard to acquire due to distribution and retailer conditions.

Over on the official Final Fantasy VII Remake Twitter account, Square has released an announcement updating folks on the upcoming release of their hotly anticipated title. In the release, Square details that due to the extraordinary circumstances, the physical release of Final Fantasy VII Remake may not be in the hands of certain purchasers come to the game’s launch date.

Calling out specifically the changes in the distribution and retail landscape across countries, they state that it is becoming increasingly likely that people won’t be able to get a hold of the game on April 10. By this wording, it does not appear to be an announcement of an overall delay of the game itself, as the digital version shouldn’t have this problem.

Additional information has been promised for Friday of this week, to hopefully nail down specifics. This may turn out to just affect certain retailers or specific regions, or it could perhaps affect all regions and retailers. It’s unclear at this point in time. Ironically enough, this announcement comes on the heels of Amazon putting out their own statement, confirming the game is still coming on April 10.

Final Fantasy VII Remake has already seen one delay that pushed the game’s release from the beginning of March to its current April date. In the extra month, Square has treated fans though to new trailers, screens, and even the playable reactor demo, letting fans get a taste before the real thing releases.

I see the likelihood of the game being delayed outright incredibly slim. It’s more likely that Final Fantasy VII Remake will only be available digitally or that it will be a slow rollout across regions throughout the month of April. We will know more on Friday though, so we won’t need to wonder for too long.