Final Fantasy VII Remake's PS4-Exclusivity Has Been Pushed Back to April 2021

Much as we expected, the timed-exclusivity of Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4 has been extended to next April following the game's delay.

Back when Final Fantasy VII Remake was still planned to release in March of this year, we knew that the game would be a one year, timed-exclusive to the PS4 platform. Upon getting delayed to April, however, we weren’t sure if this meant that the timed exclusivity would get pushed as well. Now, we have our answer.

As seen on the box art for Final Fantasy VII Remake over on Amazon, it has been revealed that the game’s exclusivity on PS4 has also been pushed back to coincide with the new release date. Starting next year on April 10, 2021, FFVIIR can then begin coming to other platforms. As of this writing, no additional release plans outside of just the PS4 version have been announced, but you’d have to imagine that PC, Xbox One, and the upcoming next-gen platforms in PS5 and Xbox Series X are also in play.

All in all, this isn’t surprising news in the slightest, but it does at least confirm what we already expected to be the case. As for the future installments in the Final Fantasy VII Remake saga (since there are going to be multiple entries, after all) we currently don’t know whether or not they’ll be platform exclusive for a limited time or not just yet. In theory, it would make sense if every entry in this saga came first to a PlayStation platform, but this could just be a deal that Square Enix and Sony have worked out for merely the first installment. We’ll have to wait for a few years more to find out if I had to guess.

Luckily, the first part of this series is finally almost upon us after what has seemed like forever. Final Fantasy VII Remake will launch on PS4 later this spring on April 10, 2020. To tide yourself over until release, be sure to check out our recent editorial talking about why we’re so excited about the game.

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