Final Fantasy 7 Remake Project Will Work Great As A Trilogy


Anything is possible now we have a trilogy, even a playable Sephiroth

July 2, 2022

I spent many hours leveling up Cloud and company in Final Fantasy 7 Remake and had a blast doing so. With the improved graphics and the new fighting engine, the remake is one of my top games available on PlayStation. Plus seeing its story in a new light is beyond memorable. At the 25th anniversary celebration, Final Fantasy Brand Manager and Executive Producer Yoshinori Kitase said “Since the announcement of Final Fantasy 7 Remake project, we have said that it would play out over multiple parts, but I can now announce that the complete project will be a three-part series made up of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and one final title.”


It was a thrilling announcement. The original version of the game was a little under 40 hours long and spread out over three discs. Taking the remake and spreading its story out over three huge games allows for Square Enix to imbue the trilogy with as much goodness from the original (and extra stuff) as they can. It will help each part feel unique, and not force Square Enix to cut certain missions, side quests, or cutscenes due to time and budget.

It’s surprising to see Rebirth coming out as soon as it is (late 2023 – early 2024). Part of me felt that the development cycle of Final Fantasy 16 would push it back a little, not to mention the possible sheer size of Rebirth.

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Making the project a trilogy allows Square Enix to flesh out each character and spend the proper amount of time to build relationships between the characters, which is such a big part of what made Final Fantasy 7 Remake so memorable. The combat is tremendous, but it’s the human element and bonds within the game that makes me want to replay it over and over.

Spending three years to make Rebirth works. Square Enix knows that Final Fantasy 7 is the crown jewel and fan-favorite in the series, and that it will need to take its time, ensure its conclusion fits properly, and that nothing in it feels rushed or unfinished. Three years does not feel too soon in-between parts because this allows for a certain length and part of the game’s story to be focused on.

The story of the remake is vastly different to the original, but we do know is that Rebirth will take place after the events of Intergrade, as we see Zack and Cloud are together. But could we be fighting alongside Sephiroth in Rebirth as well? In the reveal trailer, we see him and Cloud in-game walking side by side, as well as the text “What is fact, what is fiction?” Could this mean we get to actually play as Sephiroth… even just for a little bit… please?

Possibly. With this now being a trilogy and its story diverging from the original game, anything is possible.

Whatever the case, we have to wait until next winter to find out. Outside of the development of the game, I would not be shocked to see Sony make it part of a bundle, or even as part of a dual pack with Remake. What do you hope to see in the next two parts? Let’s exchange theories!

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