Final Fantasy 7 Remake Comments, Sequel Hints Shared By Staff Via Famitsu

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake core staff from Square Enix shared some development stories and gave us multiple hints for the sequel via Famitsu.

July 21, 2020

This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine (officially titled Weekly Famitsu Magazine August 6, 2020 issue) included a feature on Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Three months since the game’s release, the magazine polled its readers on subjects such as “which were your favorite scenes and dialogue lines”, “which character you like using in battle”, etc.

The magazine also included new interviews and comments from Producer Yoshinori Kitase, Director Tetsuya Nomura, co-Directors Naoki Hamaguchi and Motomu Toriyama, Scenarist Kazushige Nojima, Nobuo Uematsu, Composer Keiji Kawamori, and Sound Director Makoto Ise.


These are all geared towards those who finished the game and thus contain spoilers.

Famitsu magazine is already available as I’m writing this, being released one day earlier this week. Note that we already covered part of Tetsuya Nomura’s comments in another article. He most notably said he wants to launch the sequel as soon as possible. The staff also confirmed Classic Mode will still be a thing in the sequel. Here are additional details from the magazine:

Naoki Hamaguchi said development of the sequel has already started (we already knew that) and that it’s going pretty well. Yoshinori Kitase mentioned how the new story of Final Fantasy 7 with the Remake is “only beginning”, hinting that the sequel(s) games will be huge. He could also mean this in a more business-like way, and that more Final Fantasy 7 Remake projects could be coming besides the sequel(s), like anime, manga, novel, game spinoffs etc.

Motomu Toriyama mentioned some changes were made to Roche’s role in Final Fantasy 7 Remake compared to what they first planned: Roche was supposed to make an appearance during the final boss fight, but they decided to not do that because it would ruin the serious mood. There was also supposed to be a boss fight against him in Chapter 14, but they gave up the idea seeing there are no bike roads in the slum area. Motomu Toriyama said some of the story changes compared to the original game were also made to increase the sense of distance between Cloud and the members of Avalanche, such as removing parts where Cloud inside their hideout.

Kazushige Nojima said he believes Final Fantasy as a whole is a series that always renews itself with each episode, and he’s trying to do that with the Final Fantasy 7 Remake project as well. Of course, seeing the ending of FF7R and everything, we already know things will be different in the future, but this hints the sequel(s) might be even more different than what we could expect having played the original. In an interview about FF8 we translated a while ago.,Kazushige Nojima also similarly said Square Enix tries to make each Final Fantasy game into something very different.

Nobuo Uematsu talked about how he composed Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s theme song, Hollow, while playing the guitar, and it was his first time doing that. (He’s not the guitarist on the song itself, that’s Takayuki Hijikata and Masahiro Itami according to VGMDB.)

Final Fantasy 7 Remake launched worldwide simultaneously. Besides the original Japanese dub, it also includes an English dub, a German dub, and a French dub (which is terrible as always when it comes to Japanese media dubbed in French). Sound Director Makoto Ise explained that was incredibly difficult to plan out in the final stages of development, and they barely made it schedule-wise.

Keiji Kawamori mentioned they initially wanted to make certain parts of the game without any BGM, to increase the sense of realism. But at the end they decided to have BGMs on at all times like in the original game.

Note that we might update this article with more information from Famitsu magazine or publish new stories altogether soon.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is available on PS4 and should be announced on PC in April 2021.

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