Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay Revealed with "More to Come in June"

We finally get an update on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake with more information to come next month.

May 9, 2019

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is one of those games that just seems like it is never going to come out. As many might have predicted, during PlayStation’s State of Play today, we finally got to see another glimpse since it was first revealed at PSX 2015.

“The return draws closer” is displayed on screen in a recreation of what appears to be the beginning moments of Final Fantasy 7 where we get our first look of Aerith. We also got a very quick look at Sephiroth for the first time, the main antagonist of the beloved game.

In addition to showcasing iconic moments from the game, we get an updated look at the visuals and gameplay. In comparison to the PSX 2015 reveal, almost four years ago, the visuals have improved quite a bit, especially in terms of lighting. The character models also look like they’ve improved since 2015. The new gameplay that was shown featured the action-oriented combat with an updated HUD as well as a more consistent frame rate. I’ve left both trailers below just in case you wanted to make your own comparisons.


At the end of the short gameplay reveal, rather than showing a release date or window like many were probably hoping for, the phrase “more to come in June” appears in its place. With Square Enix set to have its own press conference at E3 this year, it seems very likely we will get more information on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake there. Whether an actual date will be revealed is still uncertain, but surely, many will be tuning in to the conference in hopes that Square Enix does.

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