Final Fantasy Beats Dragon Quest and Pokémon in Japanese New Year RPG Memories Poll

on December 31, 2013 2:46 AM

It’s almost the New Year, and while many spend it celebrating or traveling, many others spend it at home playing games, and that, of course, happens in Japan as well. The popular Japanese research agency Goo Ranking published the results of a new poll asking 1060 people what’s the RPG or simulation series that most remember playing during their new year days at home. Below you can see the full chart.

  1. Final Fantasy Series
  2. Dragon Quest Series
  3. Pokémon Series
  4. Romance of the Three Kingdoms Series
  5. Nobunaga’s Ambition Series
  6. Tales Of Series
  7. Super Robot Wars Series
  8. Kingdom Hearts Series
  9. Harvest Moon Series
  10. Derby Stallion Series
  11. Saga Series
  12. Megami Tensei Series
  13. Persona Series
  14. Fire Emblem Series
  15. Wizardry Series
  16. Star Ocean Series
  17. Phantasy Star Series
  18. A-Train series
  19. Summon Night Series
  20. Shiren the Wanderer Series
  21. MOTHER Series
  22. Tokimeki Memorial Series
  23. Daisenryaku Series
  24. Devil Summoner Series
  25. Etrian Odyssey Series
  26. Ogre Battle Series
  27. The Sims Series
  28. Breath of Fire Series
  29. Shining Force Series
  30. Disgaea Series

I can definitely say that there are quite a few gems in the list above, including some series that only the older between us will remember. I’ll admit that reading some of the names awakened some memories of my own as well.

What about you? Do you have any fond New Year gaming memories to share?

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